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Having a flawed virtual presence can be disastrous for brands as well as businesses in the highly competitive markets of Los Angeles. Being one of the most reliable custom web development services providers in Los Angeles, PurpleJACK understands this importance of having a good virtual presence. Currently, we offer a series of services including customized web application development to different clients across categories. Our uniqueness lies in understanding the client’s requirement, following it up with thorough research and accordingly adopting relevant strategies to get the required results. This holistic approach makes us one of the best web development services providers in the market. Unlike the other names in the web development company category, we maintain complete transparency with our clients at all stages of the assignment.
Instead of burdening the customer with complicated websites, we endeavor to simplify the process. The websites built by our team are developed in an easy to understand manner without any compromise on the inclusion of interactive graphics to engage the viewers. We have a dedicated team that works round the clock and specializes in developing all types of websites which includes static pages, dynamic pages, e commerce websites with payment gateways as well as other services like content management and database management. In fact, we also offer offshore web development services that allows us to cater to a vast category of clientele across borders.
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  • Low in cost and high in performance
  • Website development in shortest timing
  • Simple HTML site, Interactive site, Database managed site.
  • Content Management Systems WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento.
  • Advance designing with jQuery, AJAX.
  • Payment gateway for ecommerce site.

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Here is a brief overview of the key factors taken into consideration when it comes to developing websites for our clients:

Appealing Website Visuals

The ability of a picture to convey a message is much greater than that of any write-up. At PurpleJACK, we understand such intricacies and therefore focus on using impressive visuals when it comes to developing websites. Additionally, our designers focus on creating an interesting design and overall structure of the website to further engage the user.

Building a Content Rich Website

Having a good looking website without the proper content is absolutely fatal. After all, websites are supposed to be a medium to inform the audiences. If the content is bad, what information will you be able to convey? Therefore, the focus at PurpleJACK is to understand the identity of the brand or product being represented on the website and accordingly develop impactful content.

SEO Friendly Website

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the new age success tool adored by the current genre of marketers. The concept of SEO revolves around using the right keywords to attract your audience and gradually position yourself higher on the search engine rankings. Our designs or structures are developed taking into consideration the SEO aspect and accordingly incorporating tags, Meta tags, etc.

Website Maintenance & Support

Simply creating a website is not enough. You will need to upgrade it as well as perform the regular maintenance jobs. Most of the names offering services under the category of custom web Development Company or mobile website development end up creating websites that are very difficult to maintain. On the other hand, we create websites that are easy to interpret. This gives our customers greater freedom and authority to make the changes on their website.
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