Social Media Optimization Made Smarter: Build Buzz around Your Business

Now a day Social Networking has become an unexceptional part of our routine life. Assorted Social Networking sites allow people to stay connected with others global level doesn’t matter where you are. Distance hasn’t been a barrier now. Considering the increasing popularity of these powerful platforms; almost every organization implements Social Media Optimization Strategy for their Internet Marketing campaign.

How Social Media Can Increase Sales

Social Media Marketing ServicesAs social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have been become a common part of daily life for users, it’s effectiveness for businesses have increased. For businesses, social media is more than just a source for finding the latest news or sharing pictures —it’s become a way to launch promotions, handle customer issues, improve brand awareness and increase web presence. It’s also opened up new opportunities in digital advertising that reach a much larger and more targeted audience than other conventional online channels.

Spread Out your Business via Facebook

Facebook MarketingHere at PurpleJACK, we know how to tackle the power of Facebook. We offer comprehensive service packages, each designed to maximize business web presence and realize the marketing power of Facebook. Our team of dedicated professionals won’t stop working with you until your Facebook campaign is booming. We work for real results and continual success, enhancing your Facebook image with our proactive marketing approach.

Twitter Marketing for Business

Twitter Social MarketingTwitter can be a mystery to many business owners and corporate communications teams. We can help you set up an account, brand your page and engage with your target audience. It has become more and more common in the business world, for both B2B & B2C companies. It can serve as a powerful communication outlet for customer service, blog promotion, event marketing & much, much more.

Be Connected with Google Plus

Google Plus OptimizationAt the PurpleJACK Technologies, we specialize in the optimization and marketing of Google Plus pages to help increase the online visibility of businesses. We optimize all forms of media for Google+ pages, including images and video, as well as the content that visitors read. Our objective is to help businesses offer the best brand experience for potential customers.

Join the Pinterest Craze and Reap the Rewards!

Pinterest Marketing StrategyPinterest is the fastest growing social media channel, and offers ample opportunities for marketers and businesses who know how to take advantage of this social platform. Unfortunately, about 1 out of 2 businesses does not have a presence on Pinterest
You can run your own Pinterest Marketing campaign, or leave it to the experts at PurpleJACK. The devil is in the details, and at PurpleJACK, we are experts in creating and running effective Pinterest Marketing campaigns that increase both traffic and sales!

Increase Sales Opportunities with LinkedIn Marketing Services

LinkedIn Marketing ServicesWith more than 2 million members, you already know that LinkedIn is an important sales and marketing weapon for your business. Unfortunately, you and your team also have a business to run and getting the most out of LinkedIn takes work and focus. Our LinkedIn Marketing Services drives the sales and business development opportunities you expect from LinkedIn, without the distractions.
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