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SEO Optimization Services

PurpleJACK Technologies is one of the top SEO services in Los Angeles, we ensure that your site produces leads, acquires business and increases ROI.

With Millions of website pages online, how do make sure your customers/clients find you? Search Engine Optimization improves your website organic ranking, guaranteeing those that need your business services can easily find you. PurpleJACK brings a combination of ethical technical expertise, marketing experience and an individual commitment to the client to each SEO campaign; a combination that produces higher rankings and better business.

We offer affordable SEO packages which are more than just increasing your rankings. Our goal is to turn those extra page views into leads, conversions, sales, and ultimately more money for your business.

Each SEO Strategy falls under two practices. 1. On Page Optimization, 2. Off Page Optimization. Below are our practices done while optimizing your site:

On-page Optimization

1. Website Analysis+
Website is evaluated on various parameters such as speed, internal link structure, incoming links, page rank, domain authority, page authority etc. We use paid tools to do the site analysis and bring up statistics on site performance along with these parameters. The results show areas that need to be addressed for better performance.
2. Keyword Research+
Keywords Research is done to determine the most optimal search terms that user used to find your site in internet searches. We select short-term and long-term keyword searches that have the highest potential for revenue and the lowest level of competition.
3. Title Tag Optimization+
A title tag is the main text that describes an online document. It is the most important on–page SEO element and appears in three key places: browsers, search engine results pages, and external websites. We give attractive title tags and include the right keywords in them to help search engines find the page in relevant internet searches.
4. Meta Tag Optimization+
Meta Tag are small text matter that is shown by search engine in search results. We ensure that Meta Tag for every page is unique and attractive, so that people find the information they want when reading them. We take care in maintaining tag length and number of keywords included in the Meta Tag.
5. Content Optimization+
The site content is optimized with keywords so that it can be easily picked up in internet searches. They are placed not just in paragraphs but also in heading and sub-headings. The best keywords are placed seamlessly through the sites pages for best results. Care is taken to use them optimally so that their inclusion appears natural.
6. Rich Snippets+
Rich snippets is about providing Google with additional information about your web page so it can display more useful information to people searching Google. We use appropriate Rich Snippets on your website that would help to increase your CTR & traffic.
Off-page Optimization
1. Blog Submission+
Our writers will write expert blog about your brand products or services which will be submitted to reputable blogs submissions sites. This will raise your site page ranks and online visibility. The content will be engaging and original. It will be infused with keywords so that it is picked up in search results.
2. Article Submissions+
Original articles that give detailed information about your company products or services will be submitted to important article directories. The articles will be written in an attractive way and will have crisp, clear content that informs readers what they need to know. Keywords will be placed in a natural way throughout the article to assist search engines in finding it during internet searches.
3. Press Releases+
Nothing can bring such instant publicity to your site than a well-worded press release. Our writers will bring out the prefect press releases to highlight your brand as the leader in the market. They will be informative, well-researched and contain authentic information. The content of these press releases will draw huge traffic to your site.
4. Directory Inclusions+
We will include your site in top directories such as DMOZ and Yahoo! Backlinks from these directories enhance page rank as well as improve your keywords ranking.
5. Video Submission+
High quality videos that describe your brand products or services is submitted to reputable video directories. Each submission will have a description about the video. The description will include attractive keywords to assist search engines in pulling the site up in search results.
6. Social Bookmarking+
We will tag your site in popular social booking sites to increase its page rank and keywords ranking. This will help to popularize your brand and spread information about its products and services.
30 Days SEO Trial Program

PurpleJACK Technologies provides a 30 days trial program of full SEO services without any hidden charges at all and the minute the client realizes how effective the company’s strategies are, they may or may not choose to subscribe to the services. But it is expected that more and more clients continue hiring PurpleJACK after the 30th day trial because they are really one of the best in the SEO field.

What’s great about PurpleJACK is the fact that they do not ploy over their clients by asking them for straight payment or any other form of payment at all. Some clients who are unaware of the existence of PurpleJACK oftentimes fall into the traps that require them to pay even during the trial period.

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