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What Really was Hummingbird Update?

Google-Humming-BirdGoogle’s recent Hummingbird algorithm update was one of the most highly anticipated events for web designers, developers and online businesses wondering just how much it would affect their search engine optimization strategies.  While billed as the most significant change to the algorithm method in the past dozen years, the results have shown to be more of an evolution of change rather than a radical one.

Hummingbird is in many ways a response to the new emphasis on searches conducted on mobile devices and voice searches as well. It must be noted that Google owns Android, a company that incorporates voice search capabilities into their mobile devices. Essentially, the major move by Hummingbird is to represent the whole of the query and not just the parts.

Evolution of Google Algorithms

Hummingbird updates the Knowledge Graph and places more of an emphasis on the query as a whole, rather than individual keywords or key phrases. Plus, it provides a more fully rounded list of options provide valuable background information as well. Since the emphasis is now more on the entire query, this has promoted the value of long-tail keywords. The main effect is that online businesses can now better benefit from using specific long-tail keywords as it should generate more traffic.

Emphasis on Knowledge Graph

Basically, the Hummingbird update places more of an emphasis on the Knowledge Graph that Google has been developing for some time. The Knowledge Graph identifies and highlights connections and provides a more complex, knowledgeable response to user’s queries. While the Knowledge Graph has yet to reach critical mass in terms of use, it does provide marketers, researchers and writers more advantages when searching the web.

The Power of Authority

The SEO strategy of establishing a website as an authority on a particular subject is now emphasized even more with Hummingbird. In essence, the more respected a particular website is based on visitors, traffic, and subject matter, the more likely Hummingbird will direct queries to these particular websites. This benefits long-term establishment in becoming an authority in a particular field or niche area.

Quality is still King

Google has been attempting to emphasize high quality sites while excluding low quality ones. Hummingbird presents yet another step in that direction. The greater the emphasis on providing good, high quality content, the higher the search rakings will be.

This is especially true for websites that produce new content on a regular and frequent basis. Content marketing efforts take on a new emphasis with Hummingbird, especially when liked, shared and discussed in other forums.

Hummingbird Emphasizes SEO

Despite fears that SEO would be dead, the opposite appears to be true. Hummingbird simply places more of an emphasis on good content and quality while taking into account the entire query and not just pieces of it. Site owners that emphasis good, high quality content released on a regular basis will benefit from the Hummingbird update.

Conversely, “black hat” techniques are continuing to be relegated and de-emphasized in the algorithms as updated by Hummingbird. This means that in the long run, Google’s quest for high quality websites providing excellent content has taken another step thanks to the Hummingbird update. Internet marketing companies like PurpleJACK have adapted their strategies to the new update, helping customers find better solutions to generating web traffic for their businesses.

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