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Top 3 Landing Page Mistakes Can Drop Your ROI

Landing-Page-Mistakes First impression is the best impression and that is why landing page has so much importance attributed to it. Landing page is the access gate to your website. No matter how great and fantastic your house is, if your entry gate is not inviting and in good condition people will hesitate to knock at the door. Similarly if your landing page fails to impress people, there will be no knocking at your website. This means a loss of opportunity. Here are the three serious mistakes people tend to make on their landing page. Let us look into this.

The first crucial mistake most of the unlucky landing pages suffer from is lengthy texts. No one would like to read lengthy stories. All they expect is the crisp and catchy points. Landing pages should have attractive catchy statements that would impress the people at the first shot and at the same time the statements should have the ability to convey the message easily. Simplicity makes that huge difference. Bring out the features of your business in a simple yet classic manner. It takes time but worth it than pouring all about your business in a lengthy monotonous text.

The second mistake that no landing pages should have is the lack of images. A long message can be communicated to the target audience with a simple picture. It barely takes a second for pictures and images to express what they intend to. A landing page without image is a nightmare to your website. But one important thing to be kept in mind when using pictures is that it should be relevant to the context where it is placed. Irrelevant data on your landing page has the ability to impair the impression about your business. Overuse of the pictures can kill the very purpose, so judicious use is necessary. One should maintain the balance between relevant text and images.

The third mistake is to put long application forms to be filled in the landing page. Some landing page that require users to fill in the application form to access the website. But sometimes the credentials asked in the application form are too long and cumbersome to fill which will turn away the potential clients instead of attracting them.  It is recommended to keep the length of forms short and crisp.

These three mistakes spoil your landing page and deter the very people you want to visit your website. Such a situation will be a wasted opportunity and consequently result in loss of prospective clients for your business. This can have adverse impact on Return on Investment and bring your business graph down the spiral. So make sure these mistakes are avoided while building your landing page.

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