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Is Guest Blogging Considered Spammy In 2014?

Guest-BloggingWhen guest blogging started it was considered to be highly prestigious. Being asked to write a post in a highly ranking blog site added credibility to a blogger’s skills. It was done to give access to exclusive information from an expert author and provide quality, engaging content to readers. However guest blogging has gone a long way off from where it started as it has now become spammy. Matt Cutts head of Google’s Web spam team comes down heavily on how people use it to artificially boost their site page ranks.

Why Guest Blogging is Considered Spammy?

Using guest blogging as a means to get links to your site from ones with a high page rank is considered unethical by Google. The reality is that a good guest post is valuable. It brings in new information and is written in an engaging style that makes people enjoy what they read. However the same guest blog post can also become promotional when it discusses a good topic and has sales pitch carefully inserted in it. At times, the post can be outright promotional and have not any valuable details which reflect very poorly on the guest blogger. Matt Cutt discourages writers from penning blog posts because of such practices.

What Can Blog Owners And Guest Bloggers Do Now?

Has 2014 really spelled the end of guest blogging? No. Guest blogging has become spammy only because of poor quality blog content. Remember it did not start out that way. Remove the negative traits from it and it can come back to its original position as post that provides insightful information to readers. The responsibility of getting quality guest blog posts lies with both blog owners and guest bloggers.

Blog owners have to be careful about how they select guest blog posts. As a blog owner you need to make a set of rules on post information which automatically discourage poor content or promotional writing. Accept posts from reputable authors so that the post quality is always high.   There are blog sites that ask people to do guest blog posts to enhance their page ranks and this practice should stop. Furthermore writers should be asked to write on worthy topics because only then will guest blogging add value to the site.

It is to be noted that there are many writers who get paid for guest blogging, so it will not go out of practice. What is important is that it falls within the limits of making your site look good. The comment from Matt Cutts is a serious blow for guest bloggers who do this work all the time. A good idea for them is to use co-citation in their work. This is where you bring in information from experts to give authenticity and value to the post.  You can co-site by stating information given by an expert in another site with just a single sentence and without giving a link to that site.

As guest blogger you are bound to use keywords in the post. Instead of using the same keywords all through the work make use of synonyms to give credibility to the post. When writing content, bring in refreshing information in every line so that readers get something valuable and solid from it. Finally do not accept anonymous blog posts because you really are becoming part of the poor writing community that Google dislikes.

Guest Blogging is not a rocket science; approach one of the best digital marketing company in Los Angeles and they will work their guts out in creating quality guest blog for your business.  But be a little patient, as it does take some time and constant efforts to derive maximum traffic.

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