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How to Increase Facebook Referral Traffic?

Facebook Referral Traffic Facebook is the most popular of social media sites with millions of active users worldwide. It is also the best platform to find information and get details on popular products and services in local and international markets. It is no wonder that brands all over the world are using it for business promotion. It can bring a lot of referral traffic to a business website if used well for this purpose. Such traffic will enhance a site page rank, online visibility and sales figures. Here is a look at the top five ways on how to increase Facebook referral traffic:

  • Attractive Posts – Having informative and attractive posts is sure to get a lot of people coming to your Facebook page.  Invite people who come to your page to visit your website for more details. This is particularly useful when you have an e-commerce store or an entrainment website where people can get more of what they already like in your posts.
  • Announce Offers – When you run a store, give news about special offers and sales deals in your Facebook page. Use good images and make an irresistible offer. This is sure to get a bevy of visitors to your website through Facebook.
  • Set Time Limits – Many people feel that clicking a link from a Facebook page to a site page might eat into the time they spend in Facebook, which they would use for interacting with friends and having fun. Tell them that a visit to your website is short so as to make them feel inclined to come to it and check it out.
  • Post Frequently – Make frequent posts and you will be amazed at the jump in traffic coming to your website. Facebook even did an experiment on this and found that sites that posted frequently on their Facebook page got 89 percent more outbound links.
  • Use Headlines – Have headlines that are not more than 80 characters and which are short and sweet. This is sure to make people read the post and click your site link for more information.  Having more action words and digits makes the headline impressive.
  • Use Photos – Making use of attractive imagery is sure to get your brand noticed.  People can see them not just when they visit your page through their system but also through a mobile device. The picture displayed should very large enough so that they can get a good look at it.

Implement these tips and you can be sure of getting good Facebook referral traffic from your Facebook page. It will help to popularize your brand and spared its awareness to a large volume of people in a short while.

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