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Can Social Media Automation Harm You?

Social Media AutomationSocial media interactions are made easier by using automation tools that can efficiently carry out regular updates in Facebook or Twitter accounts. These tools are easy to use and all that you need to do is collect the updates that you want to give and schedule their release with them. Many companies find that by using automation tools their social media activities takes less time to complete. However there is a downside to using them also.

After all, automation tools do what they have been programmed to do; they cannot interact with the audience on their own.  They just keep posting whatever they are set to do. This takes away the very purpose of social media interaction which is getting close to customers in a natural way. Automatic tools for social media interaction cannot give personal touch. This can make people distance themselves from your brand and look elsewhere because they feel responses are not really coming from you.

Using these tools can make you neglect monitoring the posts. This can result in losing control over what type of content is posted and if the content quality is low, the audience will turn their interest to something else. The tool makes scheduling updates so easy that you can just set it and forget about it, thus missing out on real opportunities to interact with people when important events occur. When you interact naturally in social media sites you will tag people, which is not the case when using tools. The result is posts take the limelight while people interaction takes the backseat.

Social media sites are places where people furiously interact with one another. When something important happens they are bound to speak about it here. If your business posts are released in between such interactions people will find it rude and intrusive. Your business image will suffer as a result even though it is not what you meant to do; it was consequence   of using the automation tool. Another problem encountered is using the same post for every social media account. It is to be noted that what is good for Facebook needs to be tailored to some extent before it is posted on Twitter. Your audience must get something different as otherwise they will find repetitive and mundane information coming from your accounts.

Ultimately it is how you use automation tool that counts. The best way to use the tool and have desired control over the posts being released is by checking the scheduling process and the posts. If social media interaction is important for marketing your brand using automation tool is not a good idea. You can consider outsourcing social media activities rather than automating it to get the desired results from interacting through such platforms. Building your audience is the most crucial part of social media marketing strategies so we prefer to have a human doing this anyway.

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